Pit Bull Portraits

On Saturday, Craig Hedges and I went to a local animal shelter after seeing a post on Facebook by a volunteer about how many dogs they have. We met close to 200 dogs that day. Nice photos help the dogs get adopted faster so we headed over to do a photo shoot with their long time dogs.

These 4 dogs were some of my favorites I met that day and also the ones who have been at the shelter the longest and need the exposure the most.

Not all of the dogs there were Pit Bull mix type dogs there were a lot of different mixes and dogs too, but a large majority were. It is heartbreaking to see the amount of Pit Bull type dogs and mixes (American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers) in shelters.

It especially hurts me because my Pit Bull type dog is sitting next to me on my couch while I type this. She is my best friend ~ one of the most gentle and kindhearted dogs I have come across. She was once a dog like these who ended up at a county shelter. There are millions like her that will never make it out of shelters simply because of what they look like.

Every county shelter across our country is packed full of these dogs and I am not exaggerating! Pit bulls are the number one dogs to end up in shelters and the number one type of dogs to be abused. I just read an article stating there are 3.6 million Pit Bull type dogs in the United States. Of those 3.6 million, an estimated 1.2 million will end up at a shelter. That means nearly 35% of an entire category of dogs will end up in a shelter and out of those, 75% will never make it out. The numbers are devastating and there are just too many.

Humans are the only ones responsible for this and we will be the only ones to solve it. The best solution is to educate people and promote spaying and neutering in our communities. One of my life goals is to start my own Pit Bull spay/neuter program and hopefully I can achieve that sooner rather than later.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, please visit your local shelter or rescue before you look anywhere else. There are so many dogs and cats I am sure a perfect fit for you is out there somewhere. Fostering is a great way to know if a dog is a good fit for you before you commit and most organizations will let you do that before you decide to adopt.

Collaboration with Craig Hedges.

Molly Eddington